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Gain the Edge

Sucess in trading is all about anticipating and being prepared for any circumstance. Trading isn't about making money everyday, most of it actually consisting of waiting for the right opportunities to come to you.

"Predicting" what the market will do is impossible and that's why so many people fail. Instead we focus on how to identify opportunities with setups so that we can take advantage of the moves. We study the charts everyday so we can try and identify these opportunities to present to the group.


Swing Trading

Our group focuses on trades that take advantage of large price swings that last from a couple of days to weeks, this is called Swing trading. This allows us to enjoy our lives without having to be glued to the screen 24/7. We find the opportunity, set our stops and get on with our day while the profits rack up.


Shift Your Psychology

The majority of trading success will come from your psychology, most people aren't equipped with the proper trading psychology when starting out. We constantly emphasize and share the kind of mindset that is required to be a winning trader.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

There are important concepts that new traders don’t know of or bother learning and that puts them at a major disadvantage. The quicker you get acquainted with them, the better you are equipped to play the game. I’ve included some of these concepts in my free course, I still apply those same concepts for every trade I take.


Rules Protect You From Financial Ruin

Self Discipline is a skill that requires practice and is especially useful when trading. It is essential that you stick to your rules & strategy for long term success. You have all the freedom to make decisions for yourself in the markets. There are no rules except for the ones you set for yourself. Make it a habit to stick to your rules.

There Are 3 Requirements To Becoming a Winning Trader

Knowledge, Experience & Discipline

Anticipate & React

Learn to get ahead of the market, ancitipate the next move so you're not falling behind. Reacting to the market in real time will only put you at a disadvantage. In our private group you'll get to see exactly how we plan our trades.

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